The Daughter Chronicles

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Random photos of Norah

Yeah, another week without updating. I actually have some things to write about, but Mia's lack of eating is driving me so crazy I have no desire to relive it just at this moment. Let's look at some photos of Norah instead!

First, here's what happens when one of her stuffed animals pisses her off. Oh, it's not pretty!

(This is not staged at all. I walked into her bedroom and found the poor guy like this. She wasn't even in the room.)

Every once in a while, Norah climbs inside the laundry basket and pretends she's in a boat. Yes, it's adorable.

Here she is licking the beaters after Krys made some Easter candy. That used to be my job. Now I'm sad.

All of this activity wears her right out!

(Okay, this is a completely different day from the others. Still, it forms a nice narrative!)

Soon enough I will explain how Mia is still trying to vex us by not eating. But for now, enjoy the cute (yet evil) younger daughter!


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