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Friday, August 07, 2009

Man, what a crappy week

I have been meaning to post pictures of our vacation to San Diego, but this week was just lousy. It's the second full week of Mia being home between summer school and the new school year, and as it's August in Arizona, it's really freakin' hot and there's not much to do. Plus, of course, Mia still isn't eating, so it's just been a cruddy week, and I haven't felt like posting pictures. I'll get to it - maybe this weekend.

Of course, the kids are still cute. Norah was wandering around today sort-of singing "Dama Dama," with the first one being somewhat higher in pitch than the second. I couldn't figure out what she was doing until she said something that sounded like "Thank you Mr. Roboto" and I realized she was singing the Styx song, which she heard today in the car. I was singing "Domo (Domo)" to her like Dennis DeYoung does in the song, and she thought it was hilarious. So she said it all day. That was funny.

Pictures soon! They're neat!


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