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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Norah dispenses wisdom to her dumb daddy!

This week, Norah and Mia got a tea set at the doctor's office (don't ask). It's a nice one, too - it's a Tinker Bell set, and everything is made of china, not plastic. She wanted to play with it when we got home, but I told her to wait until Mommy got home. When Krys showed up, she bugged me again. I really didn't want to get it out because I was afraid she would break a piece or two and wanted Krys to impress upon her that she needed to be careful. I told Krys that I wanted her to show Norah how to play with it. It wasn't exactly what I meant, but I said it anyway. Norah indignantly said, "I know how to play with it. You get your dolls out and you have a tea party!" Well, I guess she told me! And so she did:

They're naked because it's a pool party, so they have to take their clothes off. And yes, Norah got a haircut this week. Last weekend she cut a bit of her hair off (not the first time she's done this, if you recall) and so I took her to get it fixed up, and she said she wanted it short. We think she was jealous that we were making such a big deal of how pretty Mia was with short hair. But of course, Norah and Mia are adorable no matter how long their hair is!

(Krys went to her parent-teacher conference for her pre-school - yeah, I know - this week and they said she was definitely ready for kindergarten. I figured she was, but it's nice that others share this opinion. August can't come soon enough!)


  • Haha the naked barbies crack me up...such a Norah thing to do :)


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/5/10 8:23 PM  

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