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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mia: Into and then out of the hospital!

Mia, as you well know, had to go to the hospital over the weekend. Originally she was scheduled to go in on Saturday, but the doctor had to reschedule, so the procedure was done on Sunday. I had to take her in around 7 in the morning, and the doctor drained her wound and stitched her up by 10.30 or so. Then he came out and told me she had to stay overnight. The wound oozed a bit and he was concerned that it might be infected, so he decided to leave the tube in and make sure it drained completely. She only had to stay in for the night, but it was pretty annoying, mainly because the hospital is really, really boring. Krys brought me another book, which was nice, but Mia was watching the television all day, so that wasn't an option. Her doctor wanted to keep her hips apart, so she was lying in bed all day with pillows between her legs, which didn't make her happy. She got used to it, though, and dealt with it, because she's a trooper!

Her night was rough, mainly because she always has difficulty sleeping in the hospital, and of course, she still had the pillows between her legs. She slept okay although not great, but she stayed in good spirits even without a full night's sleep. In the morning, the doctor took the tube out and pronounced her good to go! I took her home, she hung out for the day, and today went back to school. All is well!

She has a follow-up appointment on Thursday, and we'll see what her wound actually looks like. I haven't seen it; the dressing hasn't come off yet, nor am I allowed to take it off. So I assume he's going to change it on Thursday, and give me further instructions. He wants to keep her legs separated as well, which is not going to happen. At night, we've put pillows between her legs, and during the day, she's sat on the floor a few times with her legs apart, but every minute just isn't feasible. She hates it, for one thing, and if we put pillows between her legs, she'd spend every moment trying to get them out. So we're doing what we can, but the best thing for her is to do lots of therapy. Her doctor says there are no restrictions on her, but we're going to take it easy for a bit - after all, we really don't want another hole opening in her leg! But keeping her limber will require therapy, and keeping her limber is all that the doctor really wants.

She's doing well, though, and she's happy. Isn't that what counts?


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