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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Where on earth did Norah get this?

Yesterday, while I was playing tennis on the Wii, Norah told me, "When you lose, you have to say 'Oh, snap!'" Both Krys and I said, "Excuse me?" I don't really have a problem with Norah saying "Oh, snap," even though she's about, what, a decade behind the times, but we have no idea where she picked that one up. School, we're sure, but which kid we don't know. But it's an example of strange things the kids will pick up at school. I know it will get worse, and I hope we can steer Norah away from some of the more objectionable things she will hear there.

We had a meeting with Mia's "team" of teachers yesterday, so I'll write something up about that in a day or two. Oh, snap, I guess that's a tease. Ha!

[Edit: I discovered that she got it from the Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. At one point, Chris Rock says, "Oh, snap!" She never picked up on it before, which is why I had forgotten about it, but for some reason now she's picking up on it. I still want to ask if some kids at school say it, because according to some women Krys works with, saying "Oh, snap" is the hip thing about the young teen set.]


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