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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Norah's brain

No, this isn't a post about Mia's brain, which remains in its present state. It isn't a post about something happening to Norah's brain, which would probably kill me, frankly. It's about what Norah said about her brain this morning.

As we were driving to Mia's school, Norah said she needed to ask me a question. She may have said that twice but I didn't hear her the first time. I make that point because I didn't answer her right away. From the first time she spoke to when I actually answered was maybe 20 seconds - she said something, I said I couldn't hear her and turned the music off, she said she had a question and I asked her what it was. So, about 20 seconds.

Then she couldn't remember the question. She said, very seriously:

"My brain is too fast. I have to come back to the question."

She never did come back to the question. She tried one more time but her brain was too fast again, and then she gave up. Such is life.

I point this out just because I found it fascinating that a 5-year-old, a child of the 21st century, would so succinctly sum up what many people think is happening to our young people as the world gets faster and faster. Is Norah's brain moving so fast that she can't grab hold of any information but must move past it so quickly that if the person to whom she's speaking is a bit slow (like her father), she can't retrieve it? It's a conundrum, say I!

Or she could just be a bit goofy. But still - her brain is too fast!!!!


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