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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mia peed in the toilet!

Yes, stop the presses. Parents out there know that this is HUGE news. HUGE!!!!

We have been trying to get Mia potty-trained for a while now, and it's been going very slowly. She is saying "pee-pee" a lot, and whenever she does, we go through the rather laborious process of getting her pants down and getting her on the toilet. She never actually pees, but we want her to associate saying "pee-pee" with having to go and sitting on the toilet. A couple of times she said "pee-pee" and then peed soon after, so we're pretty sure she knows what it means, but getting her to go on the toilet is still a pretty futile endeavor. Last night, however, Krys got her onto the toilet and a tiny bit of pee came out.


Krys, of course, danced her around the bathroom singing a happy song, which is what you're supposed to do when your kid successfully uses the porcelain throne. Well, that's what the experts tell us, anyway. She seemed vaguely amused by all the to-do, but she's often vaguely amused by Krys' antics. We told her teacher about it today, and she was very impressed. Of course, she didn't do it today, and who knows when she'll do it again, but it was pretty cool.

Man, what a slow process. I'm sure I came out of the womb as a fully functional child and never caused my mother any consternation.


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