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Monday, November 22, 2010

Illness stalks the household!

Both Krys and I had fevers over the weekend (mine was probably because I had to go into the dentist last week to get a root canal started - yay! - and I forgot to take antibiotics), but what was really awful was Norah's health. On Thursday night she started feeling sick in the stomach, and while she managed to get to sleep, she woke up early on Friday needing to poop, and then she threw up a bit. Krys took her to an urgent care place because her doctor wasn't open yet, and it turned out she has a kidney infection. Nasty! She had complained about it hurting when she peed, but not very often, so whenever she said so, we told her that if it happened again she needed to tell us about it. But then she wouldn't tell us (if it hurt, which it might not have), and time would pass. So she must have had a urinary tract infection but we just didn't know it, and it migrated up into her kidneys. No fun. She got medicine and she seems to have rebounded quite well, but we keep telling her that she has to let us know if it hurts when she pees and she has to wipe herself better. But it was an unpleasant day on Friday and even into Saturday a bit. Mia, who is generally as healthy as a horse (with, you know, one small exception), survived the weekend hale and hearty. She rocks!

Sicknesses stink. Go away, diseases!!!!


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