The Daughter Chronicles

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Norah is exactly like Martin Luther King Jr.; plus, she dominates in school

This morning Norah told me about her dream. I will try to summarize it, because it sounds awesome. She made the whole thing up, of course, but still.

So, when she was two (if Norah wants to refer to something that happened in the past, it's always "when I was two years old"), she had a dream. According to her, a dragonfly kept coming into her bedroom. First it was a girl dragonfly, and she didn't have a problem with it. Then, a boy dragonfly, and she didn't like that. It turns out that this dragonfly was kind of a jerk. As she hid under the covers in her bed, the dragonfly took all the toys off her bed and absconded with them. Somehow the male dragonfly was either chased off by a female or transformed into a female, whereupon she brought all of Norah's toys back and became friends with Norah. Then a witch came into her bedroom and threatened to take all of Norah's toys, but for some reason she didn't. The dream started to make less and less sense then (because the whole evil boy dragonfly scenario made so much sense) and Norah decided to stop telling me about her dream. She did tell me that when she was "one years old," she didn't dream because she slept in the crib really well. Good to know she remembers that.

Anyway, this week was parent-teacher conference week, and we had no real surprises with Norah's conference. She's doing very well (all "A"s, for what that's worth) and getting better all the time. When she started school, I was worried that she wouldn't want to practice because she wants to be perfect immediately, but she's gotten better at dealing with that, even though she still gets a bit upset when she can't make a letter perfectly right away. But as long as she slows down, she's okay (this is true for most kids and probably people, I would imagine). The teacher told us her behavior is impeccable, which we didn't worry about. As part of the school's push to get parents to volunteer, I was in her classroom on Monday, and although it's always a possibility she was behaving just because I was there, she was very good (and I don't think she's quite that devious yet). I'm a bit worried because she's still pretty shy and she allows stronger personalities to dominate the group, and there's a girl in her class who's very loud and very gregarious and Norah thinks she's neat, but that's not too big a concern right now - Norah might be shy, but she also realizes that sometimes, it's better to distance yourself from certain kids. Overall, however, she's doing very well in school and her teacher is very happy with her. So that's nice.

Of course, she's still scared of dragonflies. What's up with that?