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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

More medication for Mia (yuck)

Mia got new medication today. Her neurologist decided to put her on Depakene because of her increased and pretty constant seizure activity. Sigh. We asked him what we should do with her other medication, Tegretol, and he told us to give her the new stuff on top of the old stuff. Well, that was weird. We would hope that we could wean her off of one medication while giving her the new stuff, but he told us to just keep giving her both for the foreseeable future. We'll have to see how it goes. Depakene is apparently stronger than Tegretol, because we only have to give her 3 milliliters a day instead of 14 (!) of Tegretol. It's also supposed to suppress a broader spectrum of seizures, so we'll see. We gave it to her today, and hey! she still had seizures when we put her down for a nap, but they seemed lessened. Maybe not. We hate having to medicate her, and now we have to medicate her three times over (she's also taking Tranxene, an anti-anxiety drug, which we mentioned taking her off, but her doctor was noncommittal), which is quite shitty. Medication sucks, even though it's necessary.

We may have our new van by the weekend. Ooh, fun!

I have received some very nice e-mails from people who read this. Even though I have responded to them, I'd like to thank them again, as well as the people who leave nice comments here. It really does make us feel better that there are people who have dealt with some of this stuff and know what we're going through, and also that there are people actually reading this who are interested in Mia. Thank you all.

Sorry - I got all sappy there for a bit. More sarcasm next time!


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