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Friday, September 30, 2005

The exorcism of Norah

Krys and I were sitting there on Tuesday night about 9.30, getting ready for bed (because we're, you know, lame), and suddenly, through the second child's monitor, comes this frightful keening. Now, we were very proud of Norah's move to the crib, because last Sunday and Monday, she made it smoothly, with a minimum of fuss, and wasn't waking up every five minutes screaming for Mommy. We're such awesome parents. So the banshee-like wailing from her bedroom alarmed us, needless to say. Krys scurried into her room, and when I followed a few minutes later (I think I was in the middle of cleaning up the dishes), Norah had puked. I'd like to say something genteel like "she evacuated," but no - she puked. Puked something fierce. Krys was very upset. She was holding Norah and rocking her gently, and Norah was upset - this was her first puking experience, and I'm sure she was a bit surprised that all this gunk was coming out of her mouth.

Krys changed her and rocked her and sat with her, but the puking continued. Over the next hour she puked maybe four times. Krys was holding her over a towel on her changing table so that she wouldn't get it all over herself and Krys. Norah kept falling asleep, but before she could get really settled, she would puke. We thought about taking her to the hospital. This is the decision all parents must face at some time or another. With Mia, unfortunately, we have to take her to the hospital if she vomits, because vomiting may be a sign of her shunt being screwed up. So that's a concern. With Norah, we have no such concerns, but still - when a baby is puking, you have to wonder when it's time to go to the doctor. All our expert books say that if the kid is puking repeatedly for more than a couple of hours, it's go time. Well, she was puking repeatedly, but it only lasted a little over an hour. It never turned into bile, so she still had stuff in her stomach, and if bile had come up, I think we would have gone to the ER.

Eventually, she got everything out and went to sleep. I took her temperature on Wednesday, and she had a fever, but it was gone by the end of the day and she's fine now. The first real health crisis of Norah's life has passed. Phew.

This incident just brings up the difference between rookie parents and veterans. We were concerned about Norah, but not like we were with Mia when she was three months old. When she was three months old, we freaked out about any little thing. Now, of course, we're more level-headed. It's nice to know that we've been through these things with Mia, so we're not as nutty. In a few months, of course, it will be all new to us, because after Norah is eight months old, she will be doing things physically that Mia hasn't done yet, so that will be groovy.

More Norah news this weekend. She's doing more stuff, so she's not as boring these days.


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