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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Three-month update

Norah was born 3 months ago today, and she is actually sleeping right now (sort of - she keeps making those weird noises babies make), so it's time for another quick update on what a 3-month-old does in these here days.

Well, not much. Still. On Tuesday Krys took the day off from work because she felt yucky, and she had Norah on her belly in the gymini, and the child rolled onto her back. Twice. I did not see it, so I have only Krys's word on it (and really, why would she lie?), but that's a pretty cool thing. Like most devious little children, she hasn't done it since. They live to make us joyous and then pull the rug out from under us! I'm still happy, though, because she is getting closer and closer to the day when she can move around and amuse herself. Then I won't have to. I'll just have to follow her around to make sure she doesn't destroy anything or kill herself. I'll take it.

She's interacting a lot more with us, too. She has gone from smiling and making small gurgling sounds in her throat to smiling and making long, sustained, happy cries. Krys walks around with her in her arms and Norah just checks things out, saying, "Aaaaaahhhhh, aaaahhh, hhhhaaahhhh, gggaaaaahhhhh" over and over. It's quite cute. She doesn't do this as much with Daddy, although she has started a little. I don't know why she doesn't with me - maybe it's because I get grumpy when she doesn't sleep (I'm trying not to, but at the end of the day, it's hard - she's crying and I know why - because she won't sleep!).

Her attitude toward Krys is an interesting one, because it mirrors Mia's. I don't want to get all sexist here, but is there something in young children that hardwires them toward preferring Mommy? Is it the gestation? Is it the breast milk? On the weekends, Krys has to get the pry bar to get Mia off of her, and when she comes home every day, Norah instantly calms down when Krys picks her up (she's usually crying when Krys gets home, because that's when I'm feeding Mia and ignoring her as she sits in her bouncy chair). Here I am, taking care of both kids like a sucker, and they remain Mommy's girls. I weep long hours because of it.

I know Mia digs me - she's always very happy to see me when I get her from school (although, to be honest, Tamerlane could probably pick her up and she'd be happy - she's just a happy kid), and she enjoys our time together, but when Mommy is around, it's like I'm something she might cough up after a bad meal. Even though Norah really can't distinguish much about the people who are holding her, she seems to endure me as well. It's just interesting that they really like it when Mommy is home. Is it because they're girls, or because Mommy is the exotic parent who is never home, or is it simply because she's Mommy? I don't know.

So Norah is coming along like a 3-month-old should. She doesn't sleep very well during the day, which is part of her insidious plan to drive Daddy insane, but other than that, she's perfectly normal. Which is nice.


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