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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Why don't we check out some pictures?

Sure, why not? I mean, I'd like to think people come to this blog to read my deep insights on raising children, but I know most of you are all really here to check out the two cutest children in the world! As usual, I'm sorry to all of you out there with kids of your own, but you're all just competing for third place, because it's a tie for first!

First, we have Norah in her bouncy seat. She digs sitting up. Much more than lying down, actually. I think she likes looking around.
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As I have mentioned before, we take pictures of the kids in the same chair every month on their "birthday." This is Norah on September 22, her three-month "birthday."
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We have been trying to get Mia to hang out with Norah and be nice to her. Norah, so far, idolizes Mia - she gazes up at her all the time when Mia is eating and Norah is hanging out in her chair. So one day we put Norah in bed with Mia and told them to play nice. Mia was very well behaved.
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She even gave Norah a kiss!
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A while back we moved Norah to her crib. She likes it. She has started going into it while she's still awake and she falls asleep in it, which is a pretty big step.
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I like this close-up, because it seems whenever I get close enough to take a nice picture of her, it gets fuzzy. This came out really well, and Norah was in a good mood.
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Okay, so I didn't take as many pictures of Mia as I usually do. We felt bad, since we thought we were not taking enough pictures of Norah (the whole second kid syndrome), so on this roll we focused on Norah. I have already taken some good pictures of Mia with the new roll, so next time the balance will be restored!

I hope y'all like the pictures. Don't feel bad that we have the cutest kids in the universe - someone has to!


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