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Monday, March 13, 2006

Odds 'n' ends 'n' stuff - Spring Break Edition!

Last week I promised photographs. Yes, I suck because I haven't posted them yet! I was distracted by my child falling face-first onto the floor, and then we hit the weekend, and the rains came (143 straight days without it, and it poured all day Saturday, which was nice), and suddenly, it's Monday, and I still haven't put up pictures of our lovely daughters doing all sorts of lovely daughter things.

This post isn't about pictures. I'll get to them, I promise.

This post is just about catching up with the children. Here are some of their recent accomplishments and notes about them, rapid-fire style!

Mia continues to expand her vocabulary. For a while, she was uninterested in reading, but she seems to be getting back into it recently, perhaps because she can follow the action better and she recognizes a lot more on the page than she has. Last week Krys was reading Where the Wild Things Are to her (an old favorite) and she named "moon" (which she's done before), "boat," and even "Max," which she hadn't done before. Krys was reading her Pancakes for Breakfast, and before Krys even mentioned them, she had said "bowl" and "man." So that was pretty cool. She's trying harder to form words and she looks much more interested in learning them. That's groovy.

Her physical therapist has decided to get her an orthotic device for her foot, ankle, and knee. She is walking pretty well in her gait trainer and we got a new chair for her to sit in at the dinner table, but she is still not planting her ankle like she should. She just drives her toe into the footplate of her chair, which causes the clonus to act up. The KAFO (knee-ankle-foot) will lock her ankle and knee into place so that her foot will be at a ninety-degree angle to her leg. This will help stabilize her foot and, we hope, help her walk better, too (even though the knee will be locked - one thing at a time!). Her PT said the only problem with an AFO is that we would have to buy two different shoe sizes - her left foot would not accommodate her regular shoe because of the device. A small price to pay, I suppose.

Norah, meanwhile, is desperate to crawl and stand. She can push herself up to a "tripod" position - she gets up on one knee and both arms, but then she usually rolls over instead of bending the other leg to sit up. She has started to say "ma ma" pretty consistently when she sees Krys - Mommy is, of course, the favorite parent - and Mia's speech therapist swears she said "hi" the other day. It's really fascinating watching Norah trying to sit up and stand when we hold her up on her feet. Fascinating because of the big difference between her and Mia - Norah obviously has a sense of balance, so it's neat watching her adjust subtly as she's standing. For Mia, it's a huge effort.

So that's just a quick update on the children. As you might have guessed, Mia is off from school this week. I never had Spring Break until I went to college, but now it's all the rage. I guess Mia needed a break from all that stressful singing and playing and snacking she does at school. I hope to remain sane with both of them this week, because usually I get a nice break in the morning when Mia is at school. It's difficult finding things to do with her, let me tell you. She'll be spending a lot of time in the gait trainer! Bwah-ha-ha-ha!

Pictures. Soon. Promise.


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