The Daughter Chronicles

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Moving fast with Norah!

A fun anecdote from the annals of Norah the Crawler:

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting on the floor watching Norah play, as is my wont. She crawled into the dining room and made a right turn to go into the kitchen. I said "What are you doing?" in my cutest possible voice (which isn't really that cute) and crawled a few inches toward her. She giggled and took off, zipping into the kitchen. When I followed, she kept turning around, giggling, and crawling away. It was quite the cute scene.

Norah has discovered that she can get to different parts of the house by crawling. So now I anticipate my role for the next year or so: simply following her around so that she doesn't get into trouble. That is my job. Won't that be fun?


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