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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mia's vocabulary

Mia has been expanding her vocabulary recently, and what's nice is that she's not just repeating words that we say to her and trying to pronounce them, but she is beginning to internalize a lot more words and use them appropriately. For a long time she simply said "Hi!" and "Mama," but in the past month or so she's repeating a lot more and she's also saying words that she has already learned. For instance:

She now says "Bye," or a close facsimile, when we leave. Usually we have to prompt her, but she always used to say "Hi" no matter if she was arriving or leaving, so "Bye" is nice.

Last week Krys took her to the mall, as she usually does, and when she went into a dressing room, Mia said "mirror" without any prompting. This is a tough word, and we're very happy that she said it. Of course, she hasn't said it since, but still. On that same day it was quite windy, and she said "breezy" when Krys said it.

She says "cow" pretty well (she actually says "dow," which led me to say she was speculating about the Tao) and signs it perfectly well. When Krys reads the books with cows in them, Mia knows exactly what the cow is and she knows to moo. Of course, she thinks the unicorn on her wall is a cow, too, but it has four legs, hoofs, and a horn, so that's fine.

After years of not saying it, she is calling me "Daddy" again. She says it very clearly and knows that it refers to me. She said it a long time ago and then dropped it. We don't know why.

Last week she had her IEP meeting for school (Individualized Education Program, in case you don't have special needs kids) and her speech therapist was mentioning that they're really trying to work on consonant-vowel-consonant constructions with her. She's fine with starting a word with a consonant and vowel, but the ending consonant often trails off. So then last week she started saying "hat" with the ending "t" very clear. She also knows what a hat is, so when she sees one in a book she says it and puts her hand on her head. The fact that the hard consonant at the end is clear is a nice development, because that's a hard thing to master.

She knows what a bowl is and says it whenever she sees it. She's been doing that for a while.

Every tomorrow is Saturday. Whenever we say "What's tomorrow?" the answer is "Saturday," which she usually signs but occasionally attempts to say. If I asked her today what tomorrow is, she would sign "Saturday." That's fine, though, because it's a hard concept to grasp.

On Friday I asked her where she was going to go with Mommy the next day. I had to ask her a few different ways, but I think the word "go" might have prompted her to say "mall." That is also a difficult concept to grasp, because it's in the abstract and means she needs a small grasp of temporal ideas. So that was cool.

If you ask her, without using the word, what holds the ceiling up, she will say "wall." That's neat. As she lives in Arizona, she also knows what a "fan" is without prompting.

When she sees a man or a woman in a book, she says "man" and "lady."

These are the highlights, and she's still signing a bit more. We're pretty happy that she is at least saying words when we tell her what they are, even if she doesn't retain them all. And the fact that she is retaining some is promising. We really would like her to speak more because she often gestures that she wants something but we don't know what. She doesn't get too upset, but it would be nice to know.


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