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Monday, November 06, 2006

Off to Egypt!

Krys and I are off to Egypt tomorrow, sans children, on our first vacation in seven years. My mom and sister and eventually father will be babysitting the children for the next two weeks. Good job, relatives! Since nobody will be posting here for two weeks, I figured I'd throw up some recent photos to make all four of the people who stop by here happy. Check out the cuties!

Norah hangs out in her chair. It's actually Mia's chair, but Norah digs it.

Norah is a grinning fool!

Mia is the mad stacker!

She's quite pleased with her stacking abilities.

Smokey also likes that seat, so the minute she moved, he reclaimed it!

They've been very clingy recently - we're pretty sure they know something weird is going on, especially with the presence of Grandma. Krys is going to miss them terribly. Me, not so much. I'll miss them, but will relish the break. It will just make me love them all the more when I get back!

We hope Grandma will take bunches of pictures during her time here so that I can post them when we get back. Remember to return in a couple of weeks - we don't have many readers here, and it would be sad to lose you!


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