The Daughter Chronicles

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Norah got a hat!

It's all there in the title! Norah, unlike Mia, loves hats. We're not sure why Mia doesn't like hats or sunglasses - if it's something to do with her injury or just that she doesn't like them - but Norah loves both. She wears sunglasses a lot, and last week, Krys bought Norah a hat. So she's digging both:

Meanwhile, the weather has been very nice here this week (it's our reward for dealing with the horrible summers), so Mia has been on the swing! She really likes the swing. It freaks Norah out, for some reason.

Of course, Norah doesn't need a hat and sunglasses to be adorable!

Again, sorry for the infrequent posting. Mia has big ocular news, though, so I may have to write about that soon!


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