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Friday, June 15, 2007

The Wiggles made my daughters cry

Krys recently bought two Wiggles DVDs for the children. The kids don't watch a lot of children's television (I don't let them), but back in the day, Mia enjoyed the Wiggles, and we figured Norah would too. Well, they love the one DVD. They ask for it all the time, they want to watch it multiple times during the day, and they get a bit upset when they don't get to watch it (until they get into whatever I actually let them watch). The other one ... not so much.

I put the second DVD in one day. All went well for a while. At one point there was a sequence with the Wiggles on stage singing "live" (it's all lip-synced, and I don't even know if it's Greg, Anthony, Murray, and Jeff singing). During one song, Captain Feathersword, the friendly pirate, started crying. It was very exaggerated and fake, but it apparently got to Norah. She started crying, and when Norah cries, it's very loud. Many times Mia just watches her cry and isn't affected at all, but for some reason, this time it made her upset. So I had two girls bawling their eyes out because some stupid pirate was weeping on the television. Of course, once he stopped, they were still upset. Luckily, they soon realized that he was no longer crying and they calmed down. Still, what's up with the captain upsetting my girls? Damn you, Captain Feathersword!!!!

Needless to say, they haven't watched that DVD since. Maybe some day I'll put it back in and see what happens. Norah's just too darned sensitive, I guess!


  • You need to make sure that she gets that sensitive side down and under control. Otherwise, when she has her first encounter with a boy who tells that he doesn't like her, she is going to go all emo on you and start wearing only black!!!!

    By Blogger Mrs Lefty, at 15/6/07 10:36 AM  

  • haha too funny, poor norah and mia, freaking television these days, apparently it's not only grown up tv that is upsetting.

    By Anonymous Rachel, at 16/6/07 6:04 PM  

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