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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mia lost a tooth!

Mia's lower front tooth (incisor?) has been loose for a month or so, and it fell out on Tuesday at school. We've been waiting for it to go, and then we missed it. Her teachers noticed it but couldn't find the tooth, so Krys didn't get to keep it like she wanted to. We're wondering if she swallowed it. I guess we'll never know!

When we noticed it was loose, I called the dentist and asked if she was losing her tooth too early. They said that it's unusual but not terribly unprecedented. Her teached mentioned it was loose last week and then said that in kindergarten they do a whole "seminar" on losing teeth, so I guess it's not that unusual for a kindergartener (although Mia's younger than most kids in kindergarten). Her new tooth is busily pushing through the gum, so that will be fun to deal with.

She was 5 years and 12 days when her tooth came out. We'll see how long it takes for another one to drop. For us, 11 September will always mean the day Mia lost her first tooth. I can't imagine remembering it for any other reason!


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