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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Norah is ready for her own HBO show

Our younger daughter has reached the stage in her speaking development where she knows plenty of words, but still doesn't put them together independently too much. What she does these days is simply repeat what you say to her. She usually just repeats the last word you say, but occasionally she'll say the final two or three words. I'll say, "Get up in your chair," and she'll say, "Chair," and then I'll say, "Okay?" and she'll repeat it. Whenever we say "Come here" or just "Come on," she says, "Mere" (a combination of "come" and "here"). She'll say a lot of this kind of stuff, but she still isn't initiating too much. Except, interestingly, stuff about Mia. She always points at Mia's milk and says, "Mia huck" (which is her word for "milk") and more than a few times, when I get her up from her nap, she says "Mia home" and I tell her yes, Mia's home. We're still a bit frustrated by her lack of talking, but she's getting better.

Meanwhile, she loves dressing up. I guess most kids do, but as she is one of the two cutest children in history, it's cuter when she does it! You know it's true! When Krys comes home from work, Norah must follow her into the bedroom and put on her work clothes. She looks like this:

Bow to her cuteness!

(The title of the post, by the way, refers to the now-canceled John From Cincinnati on HBO, in which the title character simply repeats what everyone says to him. If they had simply cast Norah, that show would still be on the air!)


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