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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Official Picture time!

This past Saturday we gussied the kids up and headed to Sears for our annual "official" picture taking. We do this between their birthdays, since they're so close together. It's always a fun affair - last year Norah couldn't walk yet, so she was freaked out when Mommy left her alone, and this year she could walk too much, so she could do something about it when Mommy left her alone - namely, follow her! Mia always loves getting her pictures taken, so the biggest challenge for us with her is making sure she sits up straight. Norah, meanwhile, usually loves getting her picture taken, but it took her a while to warm up to the photographer, who kept talking in that annoying high-pitched tone that people use when they're talking to small children (I lapse into it very rarely, but then catch myself - I know kids are supposed to like it, but I loathe it, and wish people would speak to my children like they speak to everyone else). She warmed up eventually and then didn't want to stop taking pictures. Yes, she's a mass of contradictions - she's two! We're getting a bunch of them to give to family members, but I thought I'd share them with the massive readership here at the blog. Yes, you should feel special. They are, after all, the most beautiful children in the world!

This is almost a perfect picture of Mia. I would have liked her left arm to not be sticking out at a weird angle, but that's how she rolls. It's still gorgeous.

We got a couple of nice head shots of Mia. We picked the one on the right, because she's smiling just a bit too much in the left one.

This is the "together" one that we're ordering for our families. It's purty.

The photographer tried to get some "natural" poses, and she got a few nice ones. We ordered a print of the last one in black and white. Krys, of course, now thinks we should have gotten it in sepia. Because she's never happy.

We got more solo shots of Norah than Mia because Norah was unwilling to stop having her picture taken.

Krys really loves the last two pictures. She was disappointed with the penultimate one, because of the seam running down the middle of the picture. Norah just wouldn't move the netting around to keep the seam out of the photo! Oh well.

So those are the pictures of the girls. We hope you enjoy them!


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