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Thursday, September 27, 2007

What are those crazy kids talking about?

Mia and Norah have been talking quite a lot recently. Let's break it down!

School seems to be helping Mia with her speaking. She's still not stringing a lot of words together too much, but she does seem to be remembering a lot more words and is able to say them when we ask her. She does quite well with colors, even though she's not perfect. She can also sing "You Are My Sunshine" almost completely. Well, not sing, but speak the lyrics in rhythm. It's pretty keen. She is still enjoying school very much, and we hope she continues to learn.

Meanwhile, Norah is making a great deal of progress. She still isn't saying more than 2-word sentences, but Mia's speech therapist is pretty happy with what she's doing. She has also begun identifying colors rather well, and she is getting better at asking for food and other things. She really likes shopping, because she's a girl. Krys took her to the mall recently and she was jazzed about looking at the clothes. Krys went to the home section, and as she passed the kids' clothes, Norah said "Clothes" quite longingly. The other day, I went to buy my comics, and when we got to the store, she said, "Shopping?" I told her that I was going shopping, but she wasn't. Her 2-word sentences have gotten more descriptive, too. When she gets up from her nap, she asks, "Mia home?" and I tell that yes, Mia is home. The other day, Mia broke part of her wheelchair (sigh). Krys and I patched it together, and when Krys and Norah went for a walk, Norah kept saying, "Chair broke. Mommy fix." And variations thereof. Today she said something interesting, something Krys will be very happy to hear. She was sitting at the table eating lunch and said, "Mommy went to work." It was a bit tough to understand her, and she might not have said it, but it sure as heck sounded like it! She definitely said "Mommy" and "work" and the two middle words sure sounded like "went to." It was very cool.

We're pretty happy with how both of them are doing. It's somewhat depressing to realize that Norah is very close to passing Mia in communication skills (if she hasn't already), but Mia is still doing very well. It's very cool that Norah is making such good progress, and our hope remains that she will help Mia along with her as she gets better at speaking. That would be nice.


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