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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Norah in the shower

Yes, I deliberately made that title provocative. It's really an innocent little post, though!

This weekend Norah took her first shower. She often stands in the bathroom while Krys is in there, and she seemed to be intrigued by the prospect. So on Sunday, she got in the shower with Krys. I was not there (come on, people - I'm respectful of things!), but it went well. I didn't hear any screaming or other sounds of horror. Krys said she was a bit weirded out by the shampoo getting in her eyes, but she didn't mind the water hitting her from above, which I thought would upset her. Obviously, it will be quite some time before she's taking showers by herself, or even on a regular basis (Krys leaves very early in the morning, and I'm certainly not putting her in the shower with me), but it was a neat moment in her growth. It's always interesting watching your kid overcome innate fears, and Norah is doing fine with that. She's behind some kids, in front of others, and basically following the curve. We do want her to be a little less freaked out when she meets people, but that's not a huge concern. She might be afraid of new people, but at least she'll be clean!


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