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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Things the kids love

I try to keep Mia and Norah from watching too much television, but they still like it a lot. When they watch stuff for kids, it's on DVD, so they don't realize there are television stations where the cartoons NEVER END! I'm sure they'll figure it out soon enough, but why make it easy for them? They do, however, watch a lot of ESPN, simply because I do. I figure watching sports can't be too bad for them, right?

Well, they've come to adore two different commercials. They're good consumers, man! Mia, especially, loves this Chase credit card commercial:

She loves it because of the Queen song, which I sing to her. She now says "I want it NOW!" when I ask her when she wants something. It's very cute. And that song ROCKS!
(This is the actual video, in case you're wondering. It's awesome.)

Norah, on the other hand, loves this commercial:

In case you don't want to watch these videos, this is a commercial for (the dude is even on the web site!), and Norah loves that I sing along with it (I've seen it so often that I know the words). It plays a lot in the morning when I have Magnum, P. I. on (I guess people who are home at 10 a.m., which is when the show airs on the East Coast, are out of work and having problems with their credit), so Norah hears it often. It's a fun little song, and Norah likes saying "Free credit report dot com" in her cute voice. She might be enslaved by the television, but at least she's adorable in her enslavement!

Yes, I'm rotting the minds of my children. But how can you resist the way in which I do it????


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