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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Norah: Teeth so clean you can eat off of them!

Norah went to the dentist today. It was possibly the quickest doctor appointment I've ever been to. She had a 10.15 appointment, and I arrived a few minutes early, about 10.05. I sat for about two minutes before getting into the back area, and the dentist was right there. He looked at Norah's teeth, cleaned them, and sent her on her way. I was back in the car at 10.20, and the walk from the office to the car probably took 3 minutes. I was stunned by the speed!

Norah was amazingly well behaved. I wasn't sure how she would act, but she was fine. She climbed up in the chair and opened her mouth easily. He cleaned her teeth with that spinning thing that dentists use to clean your teeth, and she didn't even flinch. I was impressed. I was also impressed that her teeth were perfect. He couldn't stop praising her teeth! (Okay, sure he could. I doubt if he's still telling his staff how clean her teeth were, nor will he go home tonight and tell his wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/faithful puppy, but still.) I was hoping her teeth would be okay, because we brush them twice a day and we've started flossing them, so we were pretty confident that her teeth would be okay, but you never know. I was happier that she was calm throughout, actually.

She's getting a lot better with strangers, which helped at the dentists'. Yesterday we went to Little Gym and she spent the entire session on her own. The dude in charge of the class has been trying to wean the kids off of the parents, and last week we spent a little bit of time outside the class. This week, however, the kids were fine and dandy, so the dude in charge just left us outside, and Norah didn't care at all. That was pretty cool, because I was always a tad bit worried about her clinging to either me or Krys. I know she has a few years before she has to go to school, but there's no reason to delay weaning her away from the parents!

So we're happy her teeth are fine. Brush your kids' teeth, people! Cavities are no fun!


  • Norah lets you floss her teeth!?! It's all I can do to get Ellie to clean hers! I am in awe!

    By Blogger Custancia, at 3/5/08 6:11 AM  

  • We have those little floss things on the plastic hooks - they look like little swords. Instead of trying to get long strands of floss into her mouth, which would be really difficult, this is far easier. We floss both Norah and Mia's teeth this way. I don't know if you've tried it that way, but it's definitely easier!

    By Blogger Greg, at 3/5/08 8:34 AM  

  • Aha! Not tried that - I shall find some and try!

    By Blogger Custancia, at 10/5/08 6:39 AM  

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