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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Norah caught on tape!

Man, this post took a long time. It takes at least ten minutes, if not longer, to upload video to YouTube. And my stupid Internet kept shutting down. Stupid Internet!

But here are some videos of Norah. The first one is from some months ago, when I was trying to film her when she was "reading." She memorizes the books and then recites them, and it's adorable, of course. She does it quite well, but she refuses to do it while the camera is on her. So I was trying to sneak in there and get her. I ought to try again.

The rest are from last Monday (the 19th), which was the end of the "semester" at Little Gym. We were encouraged to bring cameras, even though they really didn't do anything different. You'll notice the lack of kids in the class - for a while there was only one other boy, and eventually another girl joined them. This was pretty common toward the end of the semester - I don't know if the other kids who had been there earlier moved up because they got old enough, or if they switched to other time slots. She likes Little Gym a lot, but it was kind of weird - as the term went on, she seemed to get more scared of certain things. She would go on the balance beam a few months ago, and even though I had to hold her, she would at least walk along it. Last week she wouldn't even get on it (the higher one; you'll notice she still goes on the one near the floor). When she goes on the parallel bars, she still lets go when we flip her over instead of holding on, but you'll see her reach for the teacher, which she rarely did. She also was less willing to do the things alone. She had been going into the class by herself fine, as the teacher had been weaning the kids off their parents. The past two weeks, however, she was clinging to me and refused to go off on her own. You'll see this in the first video, where she keeps looking at me. We start a new term next week, and I do hope she's more independent than she's shown the past few weeks.

Anyway, enjoy the videos. I don't think they're too long, but I apologize if they are. I'll try to be more prompt with getting new ones up on the blog. It's always fun to see little kids having a grand time.

(I should point out that I had more footage, but for some reason I couldn't even get that onto YouTube. So I gave up. I know everyone is desperate for even more videos of an almost-three-year-old running around screeching, but you're just going to have to live without it!)


  • I'm pretty sure I never want to ever be a "Little Gym" teacher.

    Like ever...

    But Norah is adorable!

    By Blogger Roxy, at 30/5/08 8:00 AM  

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