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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Norah has breached the final barrier!

I mentioned this a few posts ago - Norah has figured out how to climb over the gate the blocks her door and essentially traps her in her room. We knew it was coming, but we hoped it would be later than sooner. This week she did it again, at 5 in the morning. She wandered into our room and started bothering Mommy to get up. Krys usually gets up for work at this time anyway, so it wasn't too big a deal for her, but I usually sleep in to the late hour of 6, so hearing a small voice whining "Mama, Mama, Mama" repeatedly was kind of vexing. Krys said that she wanted to stop putting the gate up because she didn't want Norah to get hurt climbing over it, but I'm not willing to give up quite yet. I've been putting it up just so she has something to think about in the morning. Maybe she'll decide that staying in the room is better than climbing over it. This morning I was up before she was, and when I heard her wake up I went back and caught her in the act of climbing. It looked somewhat uncomfortable, and she stopped, climbed back down, and said, "My foot hurt." Now, I saw no evidence that her foot actually hurt, but it might have been uncomfortable as she swung it up and hooked it over the gate. If so, maybe that will deter her a bit.

She's usually pretty good about sleeping in, especially on the weekend (by "sleeping in" I mean until 7-7.30), so we'll probably stop putting the gate up pretty soon. It's just another indication of her growing up. Before I know it she'll be off to college. And then we'll have peace ...


  • Greg, you know that with that peace comes the "Empty Nest." You are with the girls all day long that you will feel it more than your wife will.


    By Blogger Mrs Lefty, at 13/7/08 12:06 PM  

  • I don't know, Kelly - I'm dying for Norah to go to school, because I need the break from her!

    By Blogger Greg, at 13/7/08 7:59 PM  

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