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Monday, September 29, 2008

Yet more on Norah's potty training!

Never let it be said that we don't talk about bodily functions here at the blog!

So today Norah had a couple of breakthroughs. I'll leave the one for another day (because photographs are involved, and it takes forever to load those) and concentrate on the potty-training one. Of course, the only one left is the Final Frontier: Pooping On The Toilet!

Yes, today was the day. It might not be the day tomorrow, but for one shining moment today, she went in the potty. She was watching Lady and the Tramp (her latest favorite DVD) and she said she had to poop. This is after I kept reminding her that if she needed to poop she should sit on the potty. So when she said that, I told her to sit down, and, miraculously, she obliged. She sat there for the rest of the movie - about 45 minutes. I was sitting on the other side of the room, and I thought I smelled it, but I couldn't be sure. Whenever I asked her if she was done pooping, she would whine "no" at me. I think she was afraid we wouldn't be able to stop the movie while she cleaned up, so she figured she would just stay on the potty until the movie ended. When it did so, she dutifully wiped herself and stood up. Lo and behold, there was the magical turd! There was much rejoicing.

We cleaned up, me praising her all the while, and then we called Mommy. Norah has only recently decided to talk into the phone, so I put her on and told her to tell Mommy what she had done. Very clearly, she said, "I poop in toilet." As Krys promised her goodies for pooping, I dug out the 100-piece puzzle of Tinker Bell and her fairy friends (Norah is somewhat obsessed with Tinker Bell these days; one of the reasons she gave for cutting her hair was so she could look like Tinker Bell, ignoring the fact that Tinker Bell does not, in fact, have short hair), which we promised to her as a present for pooping. It's for kids 5 and up, but she has mastered 24-piece puzzles, and Krys claimed she couldn't find any between 24 and 100 pieces (of course, she wasn't looking around that much). Norah tore into the 100-piece puzzle, and with Daddy's help, she put it together. She's very good at figuring puzzles out, and I have no doubt that in a few days she'll be able to put that sucker together without any trouble whatsoever.

So that was her day. We're of course very proud of her, and she seemed happy that she had actually pooped in the potty. Maybe this will convince her that pooping in pants really isn't that great an idea. We'll see as the days go on. Next up, of course, is getting her to go in the actual toilet. That would be nice.

Thanks to my pals Kelli and Frank and/or Deb, who offered advice on how to deal with this (Frank and Deb have a joint e-mail account, and neither one signs his or her name, so who the hell knows, even though I suspect it's Frank, as I've known him for 30 years). It's always appreciated!

The next post will not be about Norah's bowel or bladder. So swear I!!!!!


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