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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The on/off switch on Mia's appetite

About a month ago Mia started eating quite a bit. Long-time readers will recall that we've always had problems with Mia's eating, to the extent that we always get her weight and height checked when we go to the pediatrician and make sure her height-to-weight ratio is fine. It always is, but she doesn't have a lot of wiggle room for, say, illness, when you don't feel like eating. But she's always been healthy, so we just deal with it. But then, about a month ago, she started eating.

We're not sure what happened. She started by chowing down on cereal in the morning, plus a peanut bar while I was taking her to school. She was doing well at school, too. Then she started eating dinner even if it was stuff she had never eaten before. Usually, she doesn't want to try new things even if we explain that it's, say, chicken, which she generally likes. But if it's strange chicken, she wants it not! But she began trying almost everything we put in front of her. It was quite bizarre.

We couldn't explain it. Her PT suggested that she might be ready to have a growth spurt, something the body can anticipate and therefore forces more eating to compensate for that. It makes sense, and we haven't been measuring her recently, so we don't know how tall she is. I'm not sure if she has started growing or if it's still coming. We'll see.

I told Krys that we should enjoy it while we can, because I knew it wouldn't last. Well, a month later, and she's not going as strong, but she's still eating fairly well. She isn't stuffing cereal in her mouth as much, and she no longer gets a peanut bar on the way to school (that's punishment; her pinching has become worse and we don't know how to stop it), and she hasn't been as enthusiastic about new dinner, but she's still eating more than she was a six weeks ago, when we thought we would have to get a GI specialist and possibly a psychologist to examine her. We still might down the road if she goes back to her old habits.

It's always strange trying to puzzle out Mia's pathology. What's going on in her head? Why does she occasionally eat very well and at other times drive us insane by not eating anything? It's very weird, because it's not like Norah, who eats fairly normally. Mia, of course, has issues, so we're just wondering what her injury did to her taste buds and the connection between her brain and her stomach. We're extremely glad we don't have to feed her through a tube (we've done that, and it really sucks), but it's still frustrating dealing with the vagaries of her eating habits. Right now we're enjoying a nice crest in her appetite, even though we're certain it will change soon. Oh well.


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