The Daughter Chronicles

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A schism develops in the Burgas household!

Yes, it's true. A few days ago, Norah created a Thanksgiving tree at school. She drew and colored a trunk and then affixed two hands to the top. The teachers asked her what she was thankful for and then wrote it on the hands. Here it is, in all its glory:

Notice anyone missing? That's right, she's not thankful for Mommy! The funny thing was, Krys joked with Norah that she was very sad, and of course, being four, Norah took it very seriously and almost cried. She then petted Krys's leg and told her how much she loved her. Crisis averted!

I just love how her toys, of course, take precedent over everything, including Daddy. Norah has her priorities straight!

(By the way, do you like her name on the right side of the tree? That's how she writes it currently. We're trying to change it, but she stubbornly resists our instructions. But she knows how to spell it!)


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