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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Thanksgiving at the Burgas house!

Yes, I've been away. Last week my parents were in town, and my mom must always be doing something! No rest for the wicked! We went to Tucson for a few days and checked things out, and then my mom and lovely wife went off and shopped for a few days over the weekend. Krys always claims she doesn't like the crush of holiday shopping, yet she always manages to go out the weekend after Thanksgiving. Hmmmm ...

Anyway, I thought I'd post some photographs of the week. Enjoy!

Here's Norah at the Pima Air and Space Museum. You're allowed to sit in some of the planes, fret not!

Here I am with the two kids under one of those weird helicopters that carry stuff. Whatever they're called.

Right outside our room, we had a rough spot of desert in between us and the gold course. The first night, a whole grip of javelinas wandered by. They're kind of neat, but they stink. I mean, as bad as skunks. Pee-yew, as Norah would say.

This is a statue of Pancho Villa. In downtown Tucson. Why is a statue of Pancho Villa, whose claim to fame (in the United States, at least) is that he invaded New Mexico and killed American citizens, standing in a plaza in the middle of downtown Tucson? Only Tucsonians know for sure!

Here we are at Thanksgiving dinner. Look at those cute kids!

We had a nice time, and the kids enjoyed seeing their grandparents (even if Norah was a bit scared of Granddad). It's always too bad that they don't see the kids more often, but that's what happens when you're 2000 miles away. Que sera sera and all that. But we'll see them again soon! We don't know when, but it will be soon!


  • Happy Thanksgiving, looks like a great visit. Missed you at the reunion. Any plans for a trip to the East next summer? I'm missing the posts on your other blog....

    By Anonymous Kelli Solly, at 4/12/09 7:29 AM  

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