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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Man, where have I been?

I apologize to my legions of fans for taking such a long break. The lovely Ms. Kelli Solly actually took me to task on Facebook for not updating for so long. I never even got around to writing about Mia's IEP meeting, and we know how much fun those are!

So where have I been? Well, a few weeks ago Krys had a terrible pain in her gut. So terrible, in fact, that she had to go to the hospital. She spent five days in the hospital, during which time they found out she had ischemic colitis (charming) AND gallstones. They had to clear up the colitis before they could do anything about the gallstones. They considered leaving the stones in because gallstones don't really cause any problems unless they're blocking the duct ... which hers were. Of course. So she had to get her gall bladder removed, which they did endoscopically, so she didn't have to have major surgery. So I wasn't really thinking too much about posting here.

Then, last week, my mother came to town. She stayed for a week and a half, and I just didn't have much to write about. I knew I should write something, but everything is fairly normal around these parts right now, so there's that. Yay, lack of drama!

I should point out that Mia's IEP meeting was completely without acrimony, which was a bit surprising. Mia's teacher didn't push for her to be put in the lower-level class, and as it turned out, she didn't qualify for it anyway. Mia's teacher has done a great deal to learn more about Mia's brain injury and how to deal with it, and both she and Mia have made great progress in the past few months. I'm very happy that she has tried so hard, and I think Mia being in her class next year as well will help because a new teacher won't need to figure Mia out. So all went well there.

Mia is also improving physically a lot. She has no more stitches in her groin and the skin is getting tougher every day. Her PT has been making her stand quite a lot, and he's going to start making her walk this coming Wednesday. She doesn't seem to have too many issues with standing, which is nice. We'll see how she deals with walking. Probably not well.

So all is pretty well at the Burgas homestead. Mia has two weeks left of school and then she gets a week off before summer school begins. Norah is still having a blast at school - her teacher has told us she's very ready for kindergarten - and she too will be going to summer school, this time all day (as opposed to last year, when we weren't sure if she could handle going all day). That should be fun.

I promise that three weeks will not pass before I write again. I might not have many readers, but I know those who do read like it when I update it! I'll be better, I swear!


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