The Daughter Chronicles

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mia and her goonie!

Let's file this under "Things that wouldn't happen if my child didn't have a traumatic brain injury."

On Friday morning I had to take Mia to swim therapy. I took her out to the van and put her in the car seat. We had just put in a different car seat because she had outgrown the one that was in there previously. The new seat has only arm rests but no high sides. The instant I put her in, Norah was coming out of the house and she left the door open. I turned toward her and told her to close the door. In that moment, Mia pulled her legs up, as she is wont to do because her tone is so high. She was wearing her bathing suit, which is slippery (it's lycra, I guess), and when she pulls her legs up she is balanced only on her butt. So she pulled her legs up, twisted a bit sideways, and spun right out of her seat. She doesn't fall very well, and she went straight down like a sack of potatoes. She bounced off the floor of the van (or maybe the running board) and hit the driveway. Krys ran out and we picked her up and took her inside. She was gushing blood out of a cut over her right eye. She was screaming her head off, of course, but she didn't throw up and she didn't lose consciousness. I took Norah to school while Krys tried to stop the bleeding, and then I drove her to the hospital. The cut was right to the bone and fairly wide. The doctor put two layers of stitches in, but she was out of the ER by three o'clock in the afternoon and she was back to her old self by five or so. But her eye is nice and swollen!

You might think a cut gushing blood would freak me out. It certainly freaked Krys out, but that's because she's a girl. But as I pointed out, she never lost consciousness, and the doctor checked her out for a concussion, and all was well. But it wasn't too freaky, mainly because we've seen far worse. Still, it was not a fun experience. She went over so fast - I turned my head for less than five seconds and she was out. This is why we keep an eye on her.

And, of course I took pictures. Even with a swollen eye, she's still adorable!

She's not bothering it too much, which is nice. The sutures will dissolve in a couple of weeks, and we'll just hope that's that. We did put the old car seat back in, though. I mean, we're not stupid!

Today is Mia's eighth birthday (yay!), and we had a party yesterday, so I'll post pictures tomorrow. Come back, won't you?