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Monday, July 12, 2010

Norah loves the farting!

Not the actual action, mind you, although that does crack her up. No, she likes the word "fart." Well, who doesn't? So Krys was reading How to Train Your Dragon to her because they saw the movie earlier this year and Krys thinks it's fun to read books that they've made into movies, because Norah pays closer attention (I guess). Apparently farting is a big part of the book. So Norah was flipping through it and she wanted Krys to tell her what one of the characters did, because apparently he breaks wind quite often. Krys knew what she wanted her to say, but she was being coy. Krys told Norah that she had read the book, so Norah should know what the character did. Finally, Norah offered up this admonition: "You're a mommy, you know what he did! Think about it!"

I've written before that I dig sassy Norah. She's not really being bad, just goofy. And it comes out sassy. She giggled when she said it, because she just wanted Krys to say "fart." Because she's, you know, five.


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