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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

School is OVAH!

Mia and Norah wrapped up their school years last week, although they're both going to summer school, so it doesn't really count too much. Norah is totally ready for kindergarten in August, so I'm glad she's going. Her teachers think she's ready and so do we. This summer she's actually going to summer school all day, every day, and after two days, she's ecstatic. She still hasn't wrapped her brain around the fact that she gets to go every day, even though we've told her. Tonight she asked Krys once again if she was going to school tomorrow, and when Krys told her she was, she got really excited. I hope that she still thinks that way after a week or two of going there. I don't know how long this enthusiasm for school will last, but we're trying to encourage it for as long as we can!

Mia, as usual, loved school all year. I've written quite a bit about her school year and how much better it got as it went on. I know that in the final weeks she was working very hard and enjoying herself a lot, and I know that her teachers had really made great strides with her. Her physical trauma with her hips is almost all in the past, and that makes her so much happier it's almost unbelievable. Even when she hurt the most, she was always happy, but she was so much quicker to cry because of the pain. Now she moves fairly well and I can move her almost all the time without making her cry in pain. She's been walking a bit (with help, of course, but still) and moving much better. In the past few weeks of school, her attention improved and, not surprisingly, so did her skills. Her teachers have worked really hard to help her, and that, combined with her healing, made her final few months at school so much better. We hope that the fact that she's going to have the same teachers and at least one returning aide next year will make next year even better. I don't see why it wouldn't!

So that was the school year. Mia starts summer school/camp next week, which she digs, and we hope that both kids keep enjoying school. Why wouldn't they? School is awesome!


  • Kindergarten graduation for Lydis June 21. GRADUATION? She's had TWO more of these than I did at this point in my life...

    By Blogger Roger Owen Green, at 4/6/10 8:36 AM  

  • LOVE all the pictures...of course they are beautiful like Moogah..tee heeI miss them SO guys too!

    A proud Moogah

    By Anonymous Grammy (Moogah), at 1/8/10 5:40 PM  

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