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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Good news would be nice once in a while

I'm still going to write about Mia's birthday party, but real life intervened, so there's that.

I get very frustrated taking Mia to the doctor. Nothing is specifically wrong with her right now (her wound is healing nicely), but whenever I take her to the doctor, there's something bad happening. It's kind of annoying. Yesterday it was the turn of the gastroenterologist, who's helping us with her weight problems. Krys and I thought she was doing okay - she definitely doesn't look as gaunt as she did a year ago, and while she's not eating as much as we want her to, she's eating steadily. Then I took her to the doctor.

She weighs 40.7 pounds and is 48.5 inches long. So her height-to-weight ratio is way down, and the doctor is a bit concerned. She, in fact, was surprised at how skinny she was when she came in. Now, Mia has always been skinny, but the doctor thought she didn't look good. So she brought up a G-tube again (which goes directly into her stomach), and while I'm still a bit resistant to it, I'm much more open to it than I was a year ago. She also mentioned a form of massage that might help, so we're going to look into that before we put Mia through more surgery. Of course, getting Mia to eat more throughout the day is the first priority. That's always fun.

Mia is healthy, which is a good thing, and the fact that she doesn't eat enough is vexing, because she has no problems with the actual eating. She just doesn't want to. I was hoping that when we went to the doctor yesterday we'd get some good news. I should know better, I suppose. Oh well.


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