The Daughter Chronicles

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Mia turns eight!

Mia's birthday was 30 August, as you should all well know. I can't say it's amazing she's made it to eight years old, considering she hasn't really been in danger of dying since her initial surgery, but the fact is that she has had more surgery than most kids her age, and there's a risk any time you go under the knife, so we feel pretty lucky that she's still with us. Well, we already feel lucky that she's still with us as her initial injury probably should have killed her, but we feel lucky whenever she goes into surgery and comes out fine. You know?

So we had a nice birthday party on Sunday the 29th. Mia doesn't invite her friends because she doesn't really have any (that's not to say she doesn't talk to kids at school, it's just that she forgets them when she's not around them and doesn't socialize with them too much), so we always invite friends of ours, some of whom have children and some of whom don't, as well as people who are important in Mia's life with whom we have close relationships (her therapists, for example, but we always invite her lawyer, even though this year she couldn't make it - but her daughters adore Mia, so it's fun when they show up). Mia, as usual, isn't impressed with any parties - she was fine throughout, but she just wanted to watch TV the whole time. We finally caved and let her watch a DVD after we ate cake. She got some nice presents, had a nice cake (which she didn't eat), and all was well in the land. Norah was allowed to invite one friend of hers, and the kids who did show up went in the pool, and we tried to avoid putting things down our garbage disposal, which my mother clogged up about thirty minutes before the party started (my mom likes to jam pretty much everything down the garbage disposal; if she were a serial killer, that's how she would dispose of the bodies). A good time was had by all!

Of course, I took pictures. What did people do before photographs? Using your vivid memory is for suckers!