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Monday, February 21, 2011

More weighty issues

So, Mia's weight. Yes, it's once again a topic of discussion around our house. Back in September, Mia weighed 40 pounds and was about 48 inches. In January, thanks to her physical recovery, mirtazapine, and some different techniques, she weighed 47 pounds and was still about 48 inches. Her gastroenterologist was happy, as she was finally on the curve of body mass index, having been far below it for some time. All was well!

But, as we have learned by now, nothing with Mia is easy. She has been drinking Kid Essentials for a while now, because it's packed with fiber and has 355 calories per small box. She has never had a problem with it, but about the time she got weighed at the beginning of January, she started slacking off in her drinking. Very quickly she stopped drinking it at all, preferring no-calorie water as her beverage of choice. Good move, Mia! She's eating a bit more than she used to, but that's still not a lot and doesn't make up the calories she loses from the 3-4 boxes of Kid Essentials she was drinking. So that's a problem.

A few weeks ago I got her weighed again (the doctor likes her to get checked regularly). In January she weighed 47.2 pounds with no clothes on (well, a hospital robe, but nothing else). In February she weighed 47.7 pounds fully clothed, which means she has lost a little bit of weight. We've been trying other caloric drinks, which work with varying degrees of success. We think she just sick of the taste of Kid Essentials, which is fine, but she needs to drink something else to pick up the slack. So far, we haven't found it.

Today we went to the child psychologist who prescribed the mirtazapine, and she said that going to a behavorial specialist wouldn't really work, because we're doing all the things those specialist already do. Mia doesn't really respond to motivation, because she's so stubborn that anything we either withhold or promise means very little to her. It's frustrating. But we're working at it!

I'm going to take her to the doctor's office in a few weeks to get her weighed again. If she's okay, she doesn't need to see the doctor until April, but if she's lost more weight, I suppose we'll have to go to the doctor a bit earlier. It's annoying because she's doing very well in other aspects of her life - she's working very well in physical therapy, she's speaking a lot more, she's doing pretty well in school - and I know that getting healthier with regard to her weight has a lot to do with it, because she's not weak all the time. So we'll keep working. It's always something new and fun with Mia!


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