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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hanging out in San Diego!

Last week (16-24 July) we went off to San Diego for a vacation. It was time for Comic-Con, which I have attended for the past few years, and I asked my parents if they would come out with us so we could have a longer vacation. Two years ago, when we went, we couldn't do anything at night because we had no babysitters, and I didn't want to go with the family again and let Krys deal with two children. For all the traveling my parents do, they hadn't spent any significant time in San Diego, so it was perfect!

Krys rented a house in Mission Beach, less than a block from the beach, which was very cool. Norah loves the beach, and so she was excited, and it was nice to have a relatively large home base. The house was three stories and made pretty good use to the very limited space in that area, and it had a nice patio where we ate our dinners. Krys and Norah spent a lot of time at the beach. My mom hung out there quite a bit as well. Mia doesn't like the beach (especially because she doesn't like the water, which is far too cold for her), so I didn't spend a lot of time there either, even though I did manage to go a few times. My dad hates the beach, so he didn't go at all. The only bad thing about the beach was the copious amounts of seaweed in the water and on the shore. What, they can't clean that up?

We didn't do too much around town, mainly because things are expensive and it's a pain to cart Mia around. We did drive up to La Jolla to see the seals on the beach, which was fun (although the weather was strangely terrible - cold and overcast). We drove out to Coronado Island and down the coast a bit, and we also drove onto Point Loma to check out the national park at its end. We also visited the USS Midway because Norah thought it would be neat (and it was). On Thursday and Saturday, the family (without me, as I went to the convention) went to Sea World, where they had a grand time. Norah got to hang out with the dolphins, which she enjoyed. I can't write very much about that because, well, I wasn't there. But I know she liked it!

All in all, it was a fun break. Norah went out a bit further into the water with me one time, but after that, she got scared really easily, and I'm not sure why, and she couldn't explain. Oh well. Mia did enjoy the one time she went to the beach, but she otherwise wanted to watch television. I took Norah to the convention on Friday for a couple of hours, and she had a fun time checking out all the nerds. It was a nice, relaxing week. And here are pictures!

From the Midway:

Here are the seals coming ashore (unfortunately, the people on the beach wanted close pictures, so they would run toward the seals, scaring them away; apparently there's a big debate in La Jolla about letting people on the beach or keeping the seals away). There's also Krys and Norah on the beach at La Jolla.

Beach photos!

Out on Point Loma.

Norah at the comic book convention.

At Sea World.

So we've been back a week, and it's been tough. Mia is eating irregularly, and we're not sure what to do about her. She'll be good one day and resolutely against eating the next. It's frustrating. But we'll figure it out!

Seven more days and it's back to school! Whoo-hoo!


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