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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Settling back in

Mia and I returned to Arizona on the 22nd of June, and we've been trying to get back into the swing of things. I've decided I'm not going to be annoyed by the heat because what's the point, but Mia really can't go outside for too long, because she does get overheated even when she's in the car and the air conditioning is going full bore. It's very odd - there's a vent right above her, but the AC simply doesn't do a very good job on her. So while I've been trying to love the heat (or at least accept it), we've been spending a lot of time indoors because I fear taking Mia even to the mall (not that she wants to go; she's perfectly happy hanging out inside and watching TV).

Her eating is pretty stable, even though she's not eating as much as I'd like her to. We're trying to do everything they did with her at the clinic, and that's moderately successful. We're also trying to keep her on a strict mealtime schedule, which means we're trying to keep away from snacks in between meals. I know some theories say people are better when they graze rather than strictly following the three mealtimes, but if we allowed Mia to do that, she wouldn't graze on fruits, vegetables, or other stuff that keeps her healthy, she'd graze on popcorn. The healthiest thing we can get her to eat for a snack is peanuts, but she can't eat those all the time. So we're making sure she sits at the table for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and we give her a variety of stuff. She doesn't eat it all, but we're trying.

As always, her favorite foods are mac 'n' cheese, peanut butter on toast, and eggs. She'll dip the eggs in ranch dressing or ketchup, both of which she's decided she likes. I've been trying to get her to eat meat, which isn't as successful, but she is trying it, so there's that. I've been hiding some of her less accepted food in with stuff she likes (ground meat in among the eggs, for instance), which helps because once she gets it in her mouth, she's fine with it, at least if she can chew it. She's drinking very well, too, which is nice.

She missed the first part of summer school/camp, which ended last week. This week she's home, and then she'll go to camp for a week (they can only afford summer school for four weeks, which kind of sucks, but such is life). She's only going for a week because we're going to San Diego on the 16th for a vacation/my annual visit to the comic book convention. I'm kind of glad she's been home with me, because I'm able to try to get her to eat better without sending her off to people whose primary job is not to feed her. I'm hoping that by the time school starts (on 10 August), she'll have a nice routine going on, and I can trust the teachers to get food into her. That ought to be fun.

One problem she's having is that she's not getting enough exercise. That's my fault, of course, but for a few days after she got home, she was really worn out (I suspect the heat hit her hard, even if she wasn't out in it) and I haven't gotten into it too much because I'm lazy. We're trying to stretch her a bit, at least, because she seems awfully tight. Summer is always a pain in the butt with regard to getting her going, because the heat is so oppressive (even inside, the AC works but you can still tell it's 110 degrees outside) that it's hard for both of us to care. Genesis has a song called "Heathaze" which perfectly sums up the feeling of summer in Arizona. Lethargy sets in quickly each day.

Norah, meanwhile, celebrated her sixth birthday on 22 June (a Wednesday, the day we got back) and had a party at her Little Gym on the following Saturday. It's a pain for her to have a birthday in the summertime, because a lot of her friends from school couldn't come for whatever reason, vacations being perhaps the biggest reason (although I'm not sure). Still, she had a decent amount of kids there, and they had a good time. Krys got the number of one of her friends and this past weekend the girl spent two long days here, mostly in our pool. It was very fun for Norah to see her friend, because although she gets along with the kids at her summer school, she has also encountered the worst thing a girl can encounter - cliqueish girls. Yes, already. So she's had some issues with them, mostly because they won't play with her. Norah tends to be a bit shy, so she had a hard time finding a girl to play with. She has, but I know she misses the kids at her school, who haven't quite developed cliques yet. Give them time!

So that's what's going on. Not much, I know. Mia has gotten back into therapy, we're dealing with school stuff (about which I will have to post when I know more), and we're trying to make sure she doesn't backslide from how she was doing at the clinic. She has an appointment with her gastroenterologist on 10 August, at which time we'll see how she's doing (although I'm weighing her periodically to make sure she's okay). Until then, we're just working to make sure all is well with her!


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