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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So, what's Mia up to?

I haven't been writing much about Mia because she's just been doing the same stuff, even though she's making steady progress. Last weekend we went up for a big family dinner at the clinic, so my mom took some pictures. Meanwhile, the doctor and case manager have made some noise about discharging her, which would be great news if I thought she was ready. They seem to think she's much further along than I do. They told me two weeks (which would put it at the end of next week, the 10th or so of June, while I think she might need at least another week, if not two. That would put her in the clinic for eight weeks, which is about where I thought she'd be. They told me their 2-week time frame is not etched in stone at all - they were just speculating. She's doing very well, but I'm not sure she's eating consistently enough or that she's eating enough variety. But she's making good progress, and I expect she'll definitely be home in June sometime.

Meanwhile, I think she's homesick. She's being much more aggressive than she usually is, and while it's due in part, I'm sure, to all the work she's being forced to do, I think some of it is because she wants to go home but can't express herself very well. In between Sunday (when I saw her last) and today (when I visited), she lost her computer privileges because she started destroying the keyboard. I could have told them not to leave her alone with the computer, because she will always destroy whatever can be destroyed (Russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin once said something to the effect of "what can be destroyed should be destroyed," which Mia takes to heart - I like to think Bakunin would be proud of her), but they let her play with it without supervision, and that's what happened. She doesn't seem put out by it at all, because she always just moves on. But I think it's part of her homesickness, which is why I wish she could leave at the end of next week even though I don't think it's going to happen.

Anyway, she's doing well, and on Friday Krys and Norah are visiting for a week, so they'll be happy to see her. Maybe she'll go home soon after they leave! Wouldn't that be nice?

Pictures, pictures, pictures! We don't often get good ones of Mia smiling, so these are nice.

I like this picture because Mia is wearing her "I'm a star" sunglasses and looks very dismissive, just like a real star!

She also looks too cool for school here.

Not much of a smile, I'll grant you.

This is better even though she's not looking at the camera.

She's laughing here.

Finally, a good smile!

There you have it. I will have more information when I get it!


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