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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weights and measures

Today is the last day of school, but I'll write about that this weekend. For now, I wanted to mention that Mia went to the gastroenterologist last week, and she got ... weighed and measured! She was 56.7 pounds, which is the most she's ever weighed (I've been weighing her every day, and she's usually between 54 and 55 pounds), and she was 53.15 inches tall (135 centimeters). So her body mass index is doing well these days, which is nice. The doctor was very happy with her progress, and we're able to cut back on the high-calorie formula we've been pumping into her. So this summer we're going to try some actual food (she's still eating very, very little) and some other combinations of blended stuff (anything we can liquefy, we can put through her tube!). For now, however, her weight issues have been resolved. Of course, we'd still like to take the g-tube out, but with her eating habits, who knows if that will ever happen. Now, it's time to get her muscle tightness resolved! Next week she's getting a Botox injection, so maybe that will help. We'll see.


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