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Monday, February 18, 2013

A broken record?

I mentioned last time that I had taken Mia to the gastroenterologist and that she prescribed new formula that was supposed to go through her more quickly. It has fewer calories, but the doctor hoped that we could get it in her more often so that it would balance out. With a renewed purpose, we began!

And, yeah, that didn't work. The weekend we began it - 2-3 February - was okay, although we only were able to feed her twice on Saturday and thrice on Sunday. But she didn't puke and on the Sunday, we managed to get all her medication in her at their proper dosage in a long, long time. Then came the week. I took the new formula to school and told them to feed her twice, and I would try to feed her twice when she got home. When I did so on Monday, she threw up. It was still early and she was still fairly wide awake, so I fed her later and all was well. On Tuesday, she threw up again after I fed her for the third time. This time, she had occupational therapy, so by the time that was done, it was too late to try to feed her again. On Wednesday, the nurse called me and said that she threw up after both times they fed her. Charming. I didn't feed her when she got home, because she had both physical therapy and speech therapy, and after that, she was exhausted. On Thursday, as scheduled, I called the nurse.

I actually managed to talk to the nurse (which is never a given) and explained to her that the new formula wasn't really making a difference. She said she'd talk to the doctor and get back to me. On Friday, she called back and told me the doctor wanted to do a gastric scan (which she said she was going to order at Mia's appointment, but I guess she never got around to it), so the nurse put in an order for that. We tried to feed her three times that Sunday (the 10th), and she threw up again. I noticed, too, that her sleep cycle was pretty screwed up. She was waking up at night and not getting back to sleep very easily, and then, at school, they would let her nap in the early afternoon if she started to drift. I never had a problem with them letting her nap, but last week I decided that it probably wasn't the best idea. I told them to keep her awake by any means necessary at school, which I thought might help her fall asleep and stay asleep at night a bit better. Meanwhile, I simply stopped feeding her the formula when she got home and instead gave her solid food. Both things worked okay - she slept pretty well all week, and she actually ate some actual food, including some chicken at dinner one night and steak at dinner another night. I spoke to the nurse again on Thursday and asked when the hospital would be calling me to schedule the gastric scan, and she told me to give it until the middle of this week. So come Wednesday, I'm going to start trying to annoy people into scheduling the scan. I hope it won't come to that - it's always vexing when you realize that a business that supposedly is trying to help people doesn't care all that much about, you know, helping people.

Mia's problem remains puzzling. We can't feed her after about 3 in the afternoon, because even if - like yesterday - she's only been fed once, she still throws up if we feed her too late. I don't know what that's about, but I just think it's a problem with her stomach. It would be nice if we could get the scan scheduled so we can see what's what, because if she can't keep a lot of this formula down (it's the thinnest stuff they have), there's not much else we can do.

I promise to write something fun next time! Norah has a parent-teacher conference coming up, and those are always good news!


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