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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The big 1-0!

Today is Mia's tenth birthday, so yay! All things considered, we're pretty happy she's made it to double digits. Obviously, she might have died when she was 7 months old, but she's had a lot of surgery since then, and while much of it has been benign, I always get nervous when doctors knock her out and cut her open. As far as I can remember, here are her various surgeries:

2 right after her accident, one to save her life and another to install a shunt;
2 major hip surgeries;
10 (approximately) injections of Botox, which isn't surgery but involves knocking her out and sticking a needle into her;
1 to fill four cavities in her molars.

I know that's not as many as some, but it's far more than a 10-year-old should have to endure. Luckily, she's ridiculously healthy except for the brain damage, so she doesn't get sick all the time or have heart problems or other things. So that's nice.

She started school three weeks ago, and I'll have more to write about that in a few weeks, after I go in and observe (which I like to do occasionally). She's doing pretty well - her weight is down a bit, she still has her bald spot (we're going to take her back to her child psychologist to talk about that), and she's not liking her new leg splint (pictures of that soon!). But overall, she's doing all right.

Parents know that you really can't anticipate how much your life will change once you have kids, and that was certainly true with Mia. Obviously, we wish her life had taken just a slightly different course, but we're grateful that she's alive and usually very happy. I suppose that's all we can ask for!

Here's Mia at 10! Look how cute she is!


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