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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Norah's latest grades

I've been writing a lot about Mia recently, but today it's all about Norah, who today had her parent-teacher conference. There's never been any issue with her behavior, and her grades are usually fine, but I can still brag occasionally about her, right? In her school, an 'A' is 94% and above, and Norah got all 'A's, which is nice. Her lowest grade was in Phonics, where she got a 95%. They're starting writing exclusively in cursive on Monday, so we'll see how that goes. They use the Spalding spelling test (for what that's worth), and she's spelling at a fourth grade level (she's in second grade). The school uses the McCall Crabbs reading comprehension, and she's reading at a sixth grade level. So that's cool. She went to a book sale a few weeks ago and she got a few old-school Nancy Drew books. She likes them, and while she doesn't know all the words, she gets the gist of them, which is nice. In the non-graded things, she got "outstanding" in penmanship, citizenship (basically, behavior), homework completed, and academic effort. That's because Norah is awesome!

I'm sure Mia will have some complicated medical issues soon enough, but for now, Norah's doing well in school. That's always nice!


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