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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Norah's mash note

Do they still call them "mash notes"? They totally should.

You'll notice that this is a bit old - I've been lazy about posting recently. Anyway, apparently this was an assignment at school, for which the students had to write an anonymous letter to someone in their class explaining why they like that person. I'm not sure why this was, or if Norah was even really explaining it the right way - if you have kids, you know that their explanations often leave something to be desired - but here's the note she received. It's pretty awesome - she's "beautiful in the eye," she's a "pretty ladie," and "also stunning." Man, that's pretty impressive!

Norah, of course, thought this was hilarious. So far, Norah is unimpressed with boys' attention, which is the way we like it! I also just learned this week that she's popular with the first-graders. I was going around with two other members of the Parent Organization to deliver Teacher Appreciation Week cards, and in first grade, the principal asked how many kids knew Norah, and over half of them raised their hands. Some of them know her from Girl Scouts, but I'm not sure why the other ones know her. But she's popular with the grade below her!


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