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Monday, August 05, 2013

I am ... what's the phrase? ... oh, yes, a HORRIBLE FATHER!

Yesterday I took Mia to therapy, as I usually do on Sunday. When we arrived, I put her in a chair to wait for the therapist. I sat in the other chair, which was on the other side of an end table. I kept an eye on her, because she does fall to the side a lot, but she's pretty good at sitting up. I was also watching because she digs rocking forward, but usually, she rocks only a little bit. Can you guess what happened next?

Yeah, that's right. While I had an eye on her, she rocked forward so far that she fell off the chair onto the floor. BAM! Chin first onto the carpet. She was okay - she cried for a few minutes, but I really think it was more from the shock than anything - and she went through her therapy session with no problems. Of course, she picked up some souvenirs from the fall:

Man, I suck. I know kids will do all sorts of things that will hurt them and I can't keep track of everything, but with Mia, it's a bit more serious, obviously. She's been sitting pretty well for a while, and I had hoped she had realized that she can't rock quite as much as she wants to, but I guess she hasn't quite internalized that lesson yet. She likes to rock, and does so a lot when she's strapped in, but when she's freer, she tends to be a bit more careful. Unfortunately, yesterday she wasn't as careful, and she took a tumble. I'm just glad she didn't knock any teeth out or hurt herself even more. She can live with a rug burn - she appears not even to notice it anymore - but it still freaked me out.

Yes, I'm a horrible father. Pile your opprobrium upon me!!!!


  • Oh, please, Greg. You're a great dad. Stuff happens, even when you're watching.

    By Blogger Roger Owen Green, at 5/8/13 1:34 PM  

  • You know I was just joking, sir! I did feel bad about it, though, mainly because I knew that was a possibility but I thought she was able to keep herself up. I'll still keep putting her in a chair and expect her to sit, and I just will have to be a bit quicker next time!

    By Blogger Greg, at 5/8/13 10:29 PM  

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