The Daughter Chronicles

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

More evaluating of Mia!

Mia had her evaluation by the Mesa School District's physical and occupational therapists yesterday, and it went fine. I think she is further along mentally than physically, so the special ed. eval. went better last week, I feel. She still did fine, though. They checked out her crawling skills and her sitting skills, and then they had her sit at a table and play with stuff. One thing interesting that I had not noticed before is that she has an inward rotation to her wrist, so that when she takes something in her hand she turns her hand in so that her hand is perpendicular to her arm. This means that when she was given a crayon, she turned her hand inward and used the "wrong" end of the crayon - the end that would correspond to a pencil's eraser. This is fine with crayons, but they also gave her a magic marker, and that was not as successful. She doesn't do this as clearly with a spoon, although I did notice yesterday that she turns her hand a little when she's holding a spoon.

So they were very impressed with her, and I think she did fine, but we'll see on Monday. On Monday she has her Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team Meeting and the Individualized Education Plan Meeting, which will determine if she qualifies for services (we have no doubt that she will) and where she will be placed. That's when I get to be a pain in the ass, although from what I saw at her two evaluations, I don't think they will put her in a class that is too slow for her. We'll see.

We're still waiting on the new kid. Krys thinks her water broke in the night (she's not sure) and we're waiting on the OB/GYN to call us back to let her know if she needs to go there to get checked or to the hospital. Either way, it looks like the kid will pop out soon, but who the hell knows. They're on their own schedule, after all.