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Friday, May 27, 2005

Out and about with Mia

Mia loves going out. She enjoys people. She likes to sit in her wheelchair and gaze up at people, checking them out, reaching out to them, grabbing their hair if it gets too close, and just generally having a grand time. On Wednesday I took her to a high school graduation, and she had a grand time.

I worried about taking her, because it took place a good 35 miles from our house and started a six o'clock at night. She was napping and I woke her up, which made her kind of sad. On the way there she just sat like a zombie gazing out the window and yawning. Car rides wake her up, however (the opposite of most kids, apparently), so by the time we got there, she was her usual cheery self. Many of my co-workers hadn't seen her in a while, and some of my students had never seen her, so that was a treat for them. Everyone falls instantly in love with Mia, so of course they ignored me after some cursory questions about her health and concentrated on chatting with her. The place was very crowded and loud, and I worried a bit about her, since she tends to get freaked out by loud noises, but she was fine. She just sat there and watched the kids in their caps and gowns getting in line and blabbing with their friends. I didn't take her into the hall where the graduation took place except briefly, because I wasn't sure if I'd have to leave early. We stood in the hallway at the rear of the hall, where I could see the kids I had taught over the past few years. Mia ate crackers, Graham crackers, and Nilla wafers and sipped a little water, something she really does not like to do (drinking is a big issue with us). Occasionally there would be a loud noise from the hall, like when some people set off air horns, and she looked distressed, but she quickly recovered. (As for the practice of setting of air horns at graduation - don't get me started. I'm generally irreverent, but there are a few things I think of as solemn occasions, and graduation, weddings, and funerals are three of them. Party later. During the ceremony knock that crap off.)

The ceremony was remarkably short, and we were able to leave at seven. Mia got a little cranky on the ride home, but basically she was fine. Everyone was so jazzed to see her - she casts her spell on anyone who meets her. I am constantly amazed by how well behaved she is. I'm sure it will change in the future, and I'm also sure it's partly because she isn't mobile, but she hardly ever loses it in public (or at home, to be honest, unless she's mad about therapy, but we ignore that). I saw a bunch of younger kids at the graduation running around like demons, and I wondered where their parents were. I'm sure Mia would want to run around too, but I'd like to think I would know where she is. Anyway, she had a fun time, she got a good night's sleep, and I missed the first 45 minutes of the season finale of Lost. Damnit.

I apologize for the lack of frequent posting. Today's the last day of school, so I should have more time starting today. Krys's new job is keeping her very busy, so that's why she's been absent recently. Thanks for your patience.


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